"Augusta Came Tumbling Down"  (Full Story and Photos)

Story and Photo's Williams Pipeline Line Marker, January 1994, Volume 29

Facts and Figures:

  • 37,000 barrels of asphalt from 30 tanks and 5 miles of asphalt filled pipe have been removed and landfilled on site (enough asphalt to pave 25 miles of streets, had it still been useable)

  • 75 miles of pipeline, including the five mentions above, was removed

  • 40,000 cubic yards of concrete and brick - as much as was used to construct our 52-stroy Tulsa headquarters - have been buried in an on-site landfill

  • 104 steel storage tanks - the largest having a 75,000 - barrel capacity - have been demolished (our largest tank farm - Des Moines - has 52 tanks)

  • 18,000 tons of steel - enough to stretch around the world more than 25,000 times if reduced to the diameter of a hair - has been cut up and shipped out of the refinery

  • 600 barrels of fuel material have been collected and reclaimed

  • 109 buildings of various sizes have been removed from the site - the largest a four-story with 11,450 square feet on the ground floor

  • 101 pressure vessels and towers have been demolished - the tallest being 182 feet

  • 3,000 cubic yards of wood, non-asbestos insulation and other solid debris have been buried on site.

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